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So I took the dialect quiz. The first round was the basic 25-question version… and it gave me North Carolina, which is odd because I’ve never lived there, and I’ve lived in at least 7 different states scattered around the country. I was expecting to show up as being from one of those nine areas. So I took the 140-question version, just to double check, and I think it gave me a slightly more accurate reading. 

I tend to speak with a more “standard” educated accent - no multiple modal construction, no “I’m done my homework”, no “I done broke my arm” I know some people use those regularly, but I have a slight judgement on them myself. Cot and caught are pronounced differently; Mary and marry are the same, but merry is different. I do use y’all as a plural, but I say soda exclusively. There’s also no pen/pin merger for me, which is one of the biggest things that separates me from many English speakers in Seattle.

This seems like a good quiz, but I do have a slight beef with it, since my home state (Hawaii) isn’t even on the map. Neither is Alaska. I think that if this quiz were to be truly accurate, the other two states would be included.

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